About the E.L.F.'s Holiday Lights

over 53,000 lights and 516,500 channels of computer animation

Years Past...

Growing up, some of the most memorable experiences around the holiday seasons were of my parents driving my sister and I around many areas of Western North Carolina looking at all the spectacular Christmas lights.  We enjoyed seeing all the lights no matter if they had the front yard lit up or just a few on a tree in someone's window.  To this day, the family still enjoys those memories because whenever the lights were visible they would always hear a "ooo wee" from me the car seat in the back of the vehicle.

From the earliest possible memories, Christmas was always a special time around the Rhodes' home.  Raised in a Christian home, Christmas always symbolized a very special time in history and that was the birth of Jesus Christ.  That was never forgotten even with all the secular "buzz" that all the Holidays have seem to become.  No matter how many lights or Santa Claus' that got put up, we knew what the true meaning of Christmas really was.

As we have grown up and have begun to have our own families, traditions that were memorable to us still give us enjoyment today.  As the lights we use now may not be the traditional lights as we once used and the light decoration we now do are a bit more lively to say the least, we know it's it not the lights themselves that are the memories, it's having those wonderful experiences with the family and friends we love.  Each year we design our shows to not only bring joy but to also hopefully become a new tradition to visiting families and loved ones.

About the E.L.F. himself...

Our head Extreme Lighting Fanatic Justin Rhodes has been all about Christmas since a young child.  Always helping his family decorate for Christmas, taking particular interest in focusing on the outside decorations.  After many years of helping his mother and father designing and traditionally decorating the outside of their home, it was eventually turned over to him as the outside "mastermind".  Interest was always there to turn the traditional outdoor lights into a animated wonderland but that wasn't able to take root until many years later when he began his first animated show in 2019.  To this day, Justin continues to be the lead designer of our shows and puts countless hours of planning, designing, building, and programming to make sure that everyone that comes to see the show, no matter what age, has the most enjoyable time possible.  We hope to give others that "ooo wee" moment for themselves!