How did The E.L.F.'s Holiday Light Show get it's name?

The Extreme Lighting Fanatic's Holiday Light Show strives to not only create but to help you remember the great family memories we all love.  If you have seen our show you know that we have thousands of lights that go blinky-flashy, but our shows are much more than that.  Each night of the week our shows are 100% different and are a full production designed to stimulate the visual and listening receptors to create memories during many holidays (not just Christmas).

When we first built and started our synchronized show, we knew at the time that we were in a location that would be short term and did not want the name to be location dependent (i.e., 'Light on Clayton', or 'Asheville Holiday Lights') but still wanted to assure audiences that it is still our show.

With that said, we had several things we wanted to convey in our name.  First, we wanted to everyone to know the designer of the show was truly a Christmas fanatic, some would say a little extreme.  Our head E.L.F. Justin has enjoyed the hobby of outdoor lighting since he was a small child so what better way of starting out the name than with the 'Extreme Lighting Fanatic'. 

We decided to use 'Holiday' not because we are trying to be "politically correct" but because we did not want our guests to think we are only a Christmas show.  From the beginning we have focused on our spectacular Christmas shows, but in 2022 we began branching out and started our New Years Eve show to ring in the New Year.  We have plans down the road to do shows for other holidays as well.

The show is currently just a hobby for us; something fun to do on the side.  Thinking about future business possibilities, or expansion, we decided that 'The E.L.F.'s Holiday Lights' was a short, sweet, and easy-to-remember name for marketing and promotional materials.

Also, we wanted to make sure that everyone knew that we weren't the typical light display like your neighbor has down the street.  Our shows definitely not only uses lights to stimulate your vision, but we synchronize those lights to music in a way to stimulate your sense of hearing as well.  We put on quite a 'Show' so we then decided to use 'The E.L.F.'s Holiday Light Show' for our local show.

And that is how The Extreme Lighting Fanatic's Holiday Light Show was born.

Can I buy this locally to make my own show?

This is a 100% DIY hobby and nothing can be purchased at your local big box stores.

Show computers, light controllers, lighting props/mounts, and many more items are designed and built by your local E.L.F. Justin.  As many of the smaller components to help build each key item can be purchased at those big box stores, most of those components are from specialty vendors from not only the US but from around the world.  Once all the components are in, there are countless hours that go into designing and building a working final build.

How expensive is it?

This is a tricky question as there are so many variables to be considered.  Doing a show of this style is mostly a DIY project and each show designer designs and builds their show in their own way, some simple, some over-the-top, and then you have everything in between.  Typically, by the time you figure in lights, hardware, software, and all other items that are needed to complete a show build you are able to get a ball bark guess of overall cost of a show by figuring $0.50 per pixel.  As of 2023 we are operating at over 53,000 pixels.

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