This section is meant to be a general repository of information useful to lighting enthusiasts of all skill levels.

We at The E.L.F.'s Holiday Lights do have our favorite vendors and sources of information (feel free to ask us who they are).  However, it is highly recommended that you fully research and vet any and all vendors that you are considering using on your own.  Although extremely rare, there are vendors out there that are not dependable, reliable, and/or have shady and questionable business practices.
The information and links on the pages below are not all of our own, nor do we claim it as our own.  Proper credit for content is given if, when, and wherever possible.

Knowledgeable Resources

A collection of links related to this crazy hobby we call 'animated lighting displays'.

Google Drive Source Links
(if you have additional links that aren't listed, please email them to NCChristmasGuy@gmail.com so they can be added)

Sequence Vendors

List of all vendors that sell ready made sequences.

Voiceover Vendors

List of all voice actors that do voiceover work for the holiday enthusiasts.


Information for everything xLights related

Zoom Rooms

Zoom rooms to assist with those pesky problems.

DIY Vendors

List of vendors that provide products for the DIY'er including computers, controllers, lights, wire, 3D prints, etc

Facebook Groups

List of Facebook groups that focus on holiday lighting.


List of Mini and Mega conferences across the US.

Google Drive, Dropbox, & OneDrive

List of multiple sources or cloud based shared folders across the community.


Instructional videos on how to learn the fun work of animated lighting.