Annual New Years Show

Show Dates

Our New Years Show begins Dec 31st just prior to midnight and only runs once.

**If the viewing area is full, feel free to park and walk down to the show area.  We just ask that no driveways or access roads are blocked and that we keep one lane of traffic open at all times.**

Show Hours

Our New Year show is a once a year show and it begins just prior to midnight on Dec 31st at approx. 11:55 pm and runs through the new year until approx. 12:30 am on Jan 1st.

New Years Show Playlist

New Years Show

Please, Respect the Neighborhood

Our show brings a lot of extra traffic into our small town and we ask for everyone's corporation to help elevate any issues that could cause any unnecessary frustration.

Only Park on Show Side of the Street
No Turn Around in Driveways, Only Use Roadways
Don't Block Driveways
Turn Off or Dim Headlights
Keep Volume at Respectable Level
For Your Safety, Don't Enter the Display

Vote for Your Favorite Song

We would love to know what your favorite song of the night is.  Click the button below to be redirected to our LIVE show player and you will see the current status of the show.  
*To vote please allow location sharing as you must be in the general area of the show.*